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know time like nowu / scattered poems

know time like nowu / scattered poems

a riso printed, 28 page chapbook zine from bay hill.
printed with recycled paper from scrap.

bay hills chapbooks are always incredibly special things... so if you don't have one - the perfect place to start would be with this most recent astral-lateral universal psyche-landscape mapping , dada-transcendentalist.... collection of poems.... published for the purpose of accompanying a show in the " Adobe Books Backroom Gallery. " (The best gallery of all known Time )

It's really nice to see Bay's writing put out in this form - very neatly presented, but without at all losing any of the Strawberry Hill Philosopher's brambly Daydream graffpunk rhetoric inherent to the spirit of anything Bay makes -

If you don't think you like poetry... or you don't know that you like poetry.... let this book sway you to the dark side of the Poetry Loving Persons.

If you know you love poetry but for some reason aren't aware of Bay Hill.. well, let the faith of that love be reaffirmed !

purchase "know time like nowu" now? !!

Do not even read these words, why would you read this when you could be reading the poetry of Bay hill?? Go ! Hurry up, Run now!! To the Pay Now button and then to your chair to eagerly await the arrival of "know time like nowu" in 5-13 Business Days!