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Lilypad Magazine Issue 2

Lilypad Magazine Issue 2

aka : The 2 Issue.

Wow. LILYPAD is a fucking awesome new magazine. Badasss fuCking TRUE MAGAZINE of UNDERGROUND CULTURE. A fucking testification to the eternal survival for the eternally, unkillable HYDRA of the Underground.

If you like : Photography, interviews, drawings, film, painting, ceramics, skating, biking, crime, punk, graff, fashion, extremist surrealism.... tune in to Lilypad.

LILYPAD magazine is amazing, life affirming. I'm reminded simultaneously, of a magazine that has used the influences of magazines like RVCA ANP quarterly, THRASHER, BANANAFISH, CHEMICAL IMBALANCE, underground skate zines and graff zines, JUXTAPOZ, and RE/SEARCH - but simultaneously evolving and raising the threshold for what a Magazine is Now, in 2021.


Co/edited by "BERG N' BAWB" aka Doyun Baeg and Bergen Hendrickson

Nyc & Montreal

Pilkyu Jung, Peter Sutherland, Busy Man, Jazz Wilton, Noelle Lee, Keegan Dakkar L. , Javier Huerta, Ryan DeLaval, Violet Cheverez, Michael Cera, Junho Cho, Melissa Rico, G.R. Hasegawa, Mark Custer, Skye Clark, William Mora, Quinn Batley, Calvin Reboya, Chris Scott, Gabriel Francis, Wikifur, Christopher Currence, WOMBAT ICBM, Tristan Henry, Simone Istwa, Hank Reavis, Nile Gibbs, Traviesa, Tenzin Miyahira, RALPH BTM, Lowell Horvitz, Khyunjun, Danny Deuxfois, Atticus Torre, Truls Mårtensson, Eli Aubrey, GKQ, PANDASEX BKF.

From the publisher :

Issue 2: The 2 Issue features two alternate front covers, graced by K Hyunjun (photograph by Pilkyu Jung) and Mark Gonzales (photograph by Peter Sutherland).

This issue, which is readable in two different directions, features interviews with Wombat, Simone Istwa, and multi-lingual interviews with K Hyunjun and GKQ.

Issue 2 features profiles of the work of Peter Sutherland, Truls Martensson, Hank Reavis, Danny Deuxfois, Atticus Torre, Christopher Currence, Tristian Henry, Ryan De Laval, Nile Gibbs, and Eli Awbry.

Readers will find traditions continued from the first issue, like the Donut Letters and a limited poster edition featuring work by Noelle Lee and Keegan Dakkar L.

They’ll also find new features, like the Am Pages including: Traviesa, Tenzin, Ralph, Lowell, 245Pts, Breana, Mark and Javo.