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MOODUS by Kyle Ranson

MOODUS by Kyle Ranson

Moodus is a 32 page full color sci-fi wingnut memoir fantasy comic, told in a style that encapsulates the concept of comics in a "puzzle" like way that encourages you to read it over and over to find its true mystery and purpose over and over again, which you do, slowly, like stepping into the catacombs of Moodus....

Published by Anti-Eye Comics, brainchild of Deadcrow Resident Genius Nick Fowler, Moodus is a comic that is absolutely unique and perfect for your table, next to your bong, the way underground paraphernalia is meant to exist ! Or - on your comics rack - OR, on your wall, each page framed ! \\

Kyle Ranson is an artist, who, like his contemporaries Christine Shields and Mike Reger is part of an older generation of Mission and San Francisco underground cartoonists, whose work is completely and purely rooted in the spirits of art, the underground, and comix, and belays this simultaneously simply and yet without explanation. READ IT ! ! ! ! ! ! !